C Care Inc

C Care combats isolation and poverty in the community, by empowering individuals who are not supported, who feel that they do not belong, and who are somehow ‘left behind’.

C Care’s volunteers are the drivers of a range of programs targeting isolation and under-privilege and working toward building a more cohesive and caring community. Our volunteers build strong and lasting relationships with C Care members, and help them integrate into the community – giving them back their humanity.

Programs and Services 


Roll your sleeves up and help prepare delicious healthy meals for the needy.

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C Care Partnerships

Partner with a C Care member and meet with them once a week. You will create a meaningful and lasting relationship in the life of an isolated person.

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Pay a visit to a person in need and bring along a bundle of day-old donated bakery goods to spice up their pantry.

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Pantry Packs

Deliver a box of dried goods to a person who is unable to stock up their pantry on their own.

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Our goal

Our goal is …To give people back their humanity and break the cycle of poverty …To break down social barriers, combat isolation, and give people access to companionship, devotion, and care …To coach volunteers to provide emotional and physical support and guidance to lonely, distressed, or struggling people …To bolster a spirit of volunteering and goodwill in the community, and bring purpose into the life of many through the art of giving.

“C Care” is about bringing together volunteers from all backgrounds and contexts, to blur the lines of social division and empower individuals in distress or in need of support. Through C Care’s many programs, ranging from Cookoffs and home visits to teen activities and clubs, volunteers build strong and lasting relationships with members and become a trustworthy, reliable and constant force of relief in their lives….Blurring the lines of social division and giving them back their humanity.
Combating social isolation and underprivilge in the Melbourne Jewish Community.
C Care Inc is a leading PBI combating social isolation and disadvantage in the Jewish community. We work closely with linguistically diverse sections of the community, promoting engagement and connectedness through 'handup' rather than 'handout' programs. C Care's primary purpose is to minimize social isolation and overcome entrenched disadvantage. We mobilize volunteers from diverse backgrounds to promote participation, independence, and inclusion for individuals living on the fringe of society. C Care's advisory committee comprise skilled professionals who oversee the management of the charity and work in close consultation with Director Shlomo Nathanson. Our volunteer committees and round table think panels assist in program development and evaluations. Embracing an earlyintervention and outcome based approach, our programs help people overcome welfare reliance and longterm assistance. Key programs include the weekly Volunteer CookOff and Meal Visits Program, our Pantry Pack program and the twiceweekly Bread Run involving distribution of day old bakery goods.