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C Care is a volunteer-driven organization which seeks to improve the lives of individuals living in isolation and need, and give them back their humanity.
C Care’s VISION: to break down barriers which prevent isolated individuals from becoming a part of the community, and to see a cohesive, united community, in which no individual is forgotten.

C Care’s MISSION: reach out to people experiencing personal difficulties – physical disability, language barriers, mental illness, financial hardship, old age, or lack of familial support. These challenges may cause a person to become isolated from the wider community; some may live in conditions of neglect, depression, or despair. Simple daily tasks can become insurmountable, and company, socialisation, and friendship is simply not accessible. C Care is here to help them integrate into the community and live independent, healthy, social, and rewarding lives.

CHANGING LIVES, ONE VOLUNTEER AT A TIME: Volunteers are the driving force of C Care’s programs, reaching out to isolated people and providing them with access to companionship, social connection, relief, and belonging.

C Care services extend throughout metropolitan Melbourne.

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