C Care Inc

C Care’s Mission

C Care’s mission is to combat social isolation, under-privilege, and poverty. C Care’s intervention programs help isolated and disadvantaged individuals integrate into all aspects of community life. C Care programs facilitate interaction and relationship-building between volunteers and individuals in need, as well as providing respite, care, and food services. As a volunteer-driven organization, C Care is able to ensure the long term sustainability of its programs, and guarantee valuable investment for its funders. Ultimately, C Care creates a sense of unity, acceptance, and belonging in the community, by breaking down barriers of difference and segregation and reaching out to people in need.


Roll your sleeves up and help prepare delicious healthy meals for the needy.

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C Care Partnerships

Partner with a C Care member and meet with them once a week. You will create a meaningful and lasting relationship in the life of an isolated person.

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Pay a visit to a person in need and bring along a bundle of day-old donated bakery goods to spice up their pantry.

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Pantry Pack

Deliver a box of dried goods to a person who is unable to stock up their pantry on their own.

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C Care – Meal Visits!

Volunteers bring the meals prepared at the CookOff to the home of a person in need. This volunteering experience is about meeting, sharing time with, and enjoying the company of an isolated and underprivileged individual as you deliver their meal with a smile.

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C Care – Teens

C Care Teens aims to improve life opportunities for youth experiencing difficulties by building lifeskills, providing psychological support, and creating a place where youth feel they belong.

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