C Care Inc


Every month, 60+ Pantry Packs were delivered by C Care volunteers to socially isolated and disadvantaged people throughout Melbourne. The Pantry Pack, containing a wide variety of healthy dry food staples, provided an alternative to the provision of a ready-made meal, opting for an educational program designed to empower independent  living and eating.  

Over 200 volunteers participated in the Pantry Pack program, reporting it to be an immensely rewarding experience, and noting the way in which the program benefited recipients each month, increasing their confidence to prepare healthful meals independently.

The Pantry Pack included an ‘Eating for Life’ leaflet and "info-cards", which each month contained a unique focus on providing resources, key information and explaining how to produce nutritious, cost-efficient meals using the ingredients. The leaflet also contained easy-to-read health-tips  (eg. strategies for staying hydrated during the summer) and referrals (eg. local Health Centre).

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