C Care combats isolation and poverty in the community, by empowering individuals who are not supported, who feel that they do not belong, and who are somehow ‘left behind’.

C Care’s volunteers are the drivers of a range of programs targeting isolation and under-privilege and working toward building a more cohesive and caring community. Our volunteers build strong and lasting relationships with C Care members, and help them integrate into the community – giving them back their humanity.

Roll your sleeves up and help prepare delicious healthy meals for the needy.
Partner with a C Care member and meet with them once a week. You will create a meaningful and lasting relationship in the life of an isolated person.
Pay a visit to a person in need and bring along a bundle of day-old donated bakery goods to spice up their pantry.
Deliver a box of dried goods to a person who is unable to stock up their pantry on their own.
Contributions to C Care are continuing to sustain hundreds of people – body, heart, and soul..

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